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Moses' Mighty Men

So much has happened since our last post! We have expanded the Moses Project from the Bridgeport Women's Facility to the Men's Correctional Facility in Bridgeport. We have begun our training program with 9 men and quite a long waiting list! The men are super excited to by involved and are off to a great start! One of our men offered this, "Each of us is a part of this program for a different reason. For me, it is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the community and to be a blessing to women and children." The men will be learning to quilt, sew, make pillows, and in early summer upholster. All blankets and quilts will be shared with area Pregnancy Centers and newborns in need as well as CPS. Our goal is to build a bridge from the inside out. While building skills for a future, the men are also sharing with the community! A big thank you to MTC and the Men's Correctional Facility in Bridgeport for their support of this wonderful program.

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